In the event of a claim or returns, you must save all ORIGINAL packaging materials.

Merchandise cannot be returned without the written consent of Curations Limited. No returns or damaged merchandise will be accepted without a Return Authorization issued by CL customer service. Any shipped merchandise that is refused after shipment, is subject to a 25% restocking charge plus any freight charges that are incurred by Curations Limited. Merchandise returned without consent will be refused and returned to the buyer at their expense. All returns for reasons other than damage or defective are subject to a 25% restocking fee, plus shipping charges to and from C.L. warehouse. Credit for merchandise returned will not be issued until furniture is received in good condition. Refunds are payable only in the form of credit on furniture purchases.


In order to help you through this unfortunate occurrence, we ask that that you please provide us with the following information so that we can expedite your claim. We need the Sales Order number and/or your Purchase Order number to be referenced when filing a claim/complaint. Please indicate when you received the defective merchandise, and the carrier that delivered your merchandise. We require clear, detailed images of the defective merchandise which will identify the specific issue(s) that you experienced. Once received, we will quickly research the information and work with you in order to resolve the issues. If Curations Limited is responsible for shipping you defective merchandise, we may offer you different options in order to reach a satisfactory solution. One option may be for you to keep the merchandise at an authorized discount. This discount will be provided to you in writing, and once both parties agree to the determined discount, we will send you a credit memo in the amount of the discount agreed upon. We may also ask that you have the defective merchandise repaired locally. If you choose this option, you must first communicate this with us, and receive authorization from Curations Limited prior to having any repairs/deluxing performed. Once we have an agreed on the amount of the repair and the repairs have been performed, we ask that you please send us the receipt of the services performed so that we may credit you for the appropriate and agreed upon amount. If we have exhausted the first two options, and we are responsible for shipping you replacement merchandise, Curations Limited will ship the new/replacement merchandise to your place of business, not the consumers. We will make every effort to ship the replacement merchandise as quickly and efficiently as possible, but will not be responsible for shipping replacement merchandise using expedited services or any other service other than our standard shipping protocol. We reserve the right to use the most cost effective methods of transportation to provide you with replacement merchandise, and remain committed to getting this resolved and shipped as soon as possible. After determining that you will be receiving replacement merchandise, we may ask that that you donate the defective merchandise to a local charity or cause that could be helpful in your community. If this is agreed upon, please send us the donation receipt, which should be documented with Curations Limited on the donation receipt. This is for our company’s tax records, and should only possess our company’s name on the documents, not the retailers. With regards to your invoice and payments to Curations Limited that involves damaged, defective, or replacement merchandise, you may not make any adjustments/deductions to the payment and invoicing process with prior authorization from Curations Limited. We must have any and all outstanding issues resolved, documented and have settled on issuing a credit memo, discount to keep as is, and/or have authorized the amount to have the defective merchandise repaired prior to any adjustments or deductions on your invoice and/or payment. You do not have the right to withhold portions of your payment without the written authorization that will be provided to you by Curations Limited, in writing.


Curations Limited thanks you for purchasing our products that offer the latest in design, craftsmanship and materials. Care and attention has gone into each product to add beauty and durability to every piece. Our furniture has been inspected prior to leaving our factories and has been judged ready for lasting and pleasing performance. We assure the quality of our products with this LIMITED WARRANTY. FRAME: Curations Limited warrants to the original purchaser, the wood frame to be free from manufacture defects for the life of the wood frame from the date of delivery, in its original fabric, under normal use and conditions. Natural markings on leather, such as scars, brands, grain variation, wrinkles etc., are normal characteristics and are not construed as defects. Where evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning, abuse, or where the leather or fabric has had some form of chemical applied, the warranty will not apply. The warranty coverage does not apply to furniture used for commercial purposes, or furniture altered from its original state, or moved from its original delivery address. This warranty is NOT TRANSFERRABLE.


Leathers and fabrics are warranted to be free from defects for one year. This, however, does not cover abuse. The application of any anti-stain treatments, or the use of any cleaning compounds, other than brush vacuuming, renders this warranty null and void.


Frame Springs have a 5 year warranty. Seat cushions five (5) year limited warranty. The natural softening of cushions (Known as natural compression of the foam) and springs is not a defect. This softening will occur through normal use and is not considered to be a manufacturing defect. Also, fillings and materials will soften to conform to the shape of the user. This is also considered normal and not a manufacturing defect. MOTION MECHANISM AND MOTORS: Recliner mechanisms are warranted for the period of one (1) year from the date of the original date of purchase. Electric motion motors are covered for a period of two (2) years. This warranty covers replacement parts only. A valid proof of purchase is required before the warranty claim or parts request can be honored. A proof of purchase is defined as a copy of your sales receipt. The product serial number is required for fulfillment of the warranty.


Curations Limited reserves the right to inspect and either repair or replace the product at our discretion. This limited warranty only applies to the original retail purchaser at the address of the original delivery. This warranty does not apply to damage after the sale, improper use or cleaning with abrasive or harsh, negligence normal wear and tear, accidents including burns, cuts, scratches, tears, scuffs, watermarks, dents, fading and the result of damage from smoke, fire and/or water or pet damage, floor samples or products designated “as is” at time of purchase. This warranty does not apply to the furniture if placed in a rental or commercial property or institutions. Curations Limited will not be liable for any loss, expense or damage other than the furniture itself that may result from a defect in the furniture. This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty is not transferable, and is null and void if the furniture is moved to a location or resold to another party other than the original delivery site. We reserve the right to require defective parts to be returned to the factory upon request. Curations Limited warrants our products for 5 years for sofa’s frame under normal use, cushions for 1 year, spring system for 5 years, case goods for 12 months from the date of shipment to the retailer. Our warranty covers defects against material and workmanship under normal use and service. Natural variations in color, material characteristics, appearance, texture and other inherent features of the materials and manufacturing are not to be considered defects. Subject to the above limitations, Curations Limited’s obligation is limited to the repair or the replacement of the defective product once a company representative has inspected the reported defect(s). This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and will not apply to any products which have been improperly installed, repaired, altered, neglected or subjected to consequential, incidental or other damages or costs. Curations Limited reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications, models and products.